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The day-to-day program below is a suggestion and may change. This means that all activities are covered, but possibly in a different order. 

Day 1: Arrival

After 14.00 it is possible to check in at the campsite. In the evening we all gather around a campfire to get to know each other and a short explanation about what the week will look like. 

Day 2: Teambuilding and shooting clinic.

Every morning will start with a joint breakfast. After breakfast we will start with the introduction morning. With different games we get to know each other better. After lunch we will start with a shooting clinic. During this clinic we will learn archery, rifle shooting and crossbow shooting! After all the activities it's time to prepare and eat dinner in the evening.

After dinner we make a campfire where music can be made and games can be played. 

Day 3: Canoe trip

After the joint breakfast everyone packs up his stuff and we get in the bus to drive to Geijersholm. Here the canoes are launched and we will start a wonderful canoe trip under the guidance of an experienced canoe instructor.

Halfway this trip we stop to enjoy delicious Swedish pancakes (pannkakor) beaked over a campfire. After this filling meal we get back in the boat and sail the last part of the trip.

When we arrive at our destination, the bus is already waiting to drive us back to the campsite.


Day 4: Walk and Outdoor cooking

At breakfast everyone makes sure they also prepare some food, so they have a good lunch at noon. As soon as everyone is ready, we get on the bus and drive to the most beautiful waterfall of Värmland. Here are several hiking trails that can be walked.

After the hike we get back in the bus and drive back to the campsite.

Back at the campsite we make everything ready for the outdoor cooking. Together we cook a delicious stew over a campfire. After dinner we clean up everything together and there is still time for some fun around the campfire.


Day 5: Climbing - Laser gaming and BBQ

After breakfast, it is important that everyone puts on good sturdy shoes, take off the jewelry and all long hair in a tail, because we are going to climb! This morning we are going to climb trees with special climbing grips and try to get as high as possible. You will also learn some new techniques how to climb best. After this we will have lunch together in the restaurant. Has everyone eaten enough and rest assured, we will move on to the next one, laser gaming! In the forest you're going to compete against the other team. After laser gaming you can sit down and enjoy the fully catered BBQ.

Day 6: Karlstad

After breakfast it is time to go to Karlstad to sniff some culture. In the evening it is possible to go out for dinner at the various eateries located in this city. 

Day 7: GPS Cycle Tour and Beaver Safari

After breakfast, where you also prepare yourself a lunch, it's time to get dressed sporty as a fantastic bike ride through the Swedish nature awaits you. With the help of a GPS you will encounter the most beautiful trails and if you are lucky you might even see an Moose!

In the evening you go on a beaver safari. First you will get an explanation about the Beaver and its environment. After this we get in the bus and drive to the entrance of the beaver safari. Here we leave the canoes in the water and start the trip accompanied by our Beaver expert. 

Day 8: Departure

Unfortunately, today is the last day of this week and it is time to go home again.

Check out is possible until 11 am.

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