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Hiking vacation Day-to-Day 

The day-to-day program below is a suggestion and may change. This means that all activities are covered, but possibly in a different order. 

Day 1: Arrival

After 14.00 it is possible to check in at the campsite and at Björnbyn. In the evening we all get together in the restaurant of the campsite to get to know each other and get a short explanation about what the week will look like. 

Day 2: 15 km

Every morning we start with a good breakfast and preparing a packed lunch for on the road. We start the first hike with a trip of about 15 kilometers. At noon you can have lunch with the packed lunch you prepared in the morning. For dinner real Swedish pancakes (pannkakor) are prepared over a campfire. After this filling meal the day is over for today. 

Day 3: 15 km

After breakfast and the packed lunch, another 15 kilometer tour is planned for today. In the evening we get a real Swedish Sil tasting. 

Day 4: Rest day

Today is all for yourself! We do start with breakfast just like every day, but after that you can choose how you want to spend the day. Maybe you still want to go fishing, cycling, a day in the neighborhood or maybe you don't want to do anything at all today. The choice is yours!

For dinner we provide a real Swedish salmon buffet.

Day 5: 24 km

This day is a little longer than the rest. Today breakfast is a bit earlier than the other days so you have enough time to make this big hike of 24 kilometers. In the evening we get a delicious moose stew in the restaurant of Björnbyn. 

Day 6: 10 km

Today is already the last hiking day. We end this day with a quiet 10 kilometers through the forest. This to make sure that everyone in the evening is back in time for the fully catered BBQ. 

Day 7: Departure

Unfortunately, today is the last day of this week and it is time to go home again. Check out is possible until 11 am.

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