Hiking vacation in Sweden

Lovely 7 day walking vacation in Sweden!

Nice hiking in the most beautiful surroundings of Värmland.  In this 7 day vacation there are several beautiful hiking tours from 10 to 24 kilometers. Every day new paths and locations are discovered. Maybe you will meet a moose!

  • Sporty and active in nature!
  • Eating real Swedish food!
  • Enjoy your day off to rest your feet! 


  • All meals are taken care of (full board)
  • Activity programme with various hiking tours
  • Use of equipment
  • The activities come with an experienced (outdoor) instructor.
  • Routes and descriptions

Book separately

  • 6x overnight stay in an accommodation of your choice.


 Price per person excluded accommodation in Swedish kronor


as of 13 yaer

up to 13 yaer

Walking vacation (full board)



Walking vacation  




The final price of the holiday package is determined by a combination of the accommodation cost based on the accommodation you choose and the cost of the holiday package as mentioned above. Book the accommodation of your choice in our booking programme. Make your choice of holiday package and add it, after which the total price of accommodation and holiday package will appear on the right-hand side of the page.

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