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After 14.00 you can check in at the campsite or Björnbyn. In the evening you make a planning for the coming week with an instructor from Moose Adventure and Outdoor.

DAY 2 TO 7

For the kids there are several activities on the program this week, depending on the choice that was made yesterday you can participate in building cabins, making bows and shooting bows and arrows, building a raft and rafting or a GPS Dropping.

During the time that the children are participating in the children's activity, the parents can take a canoe trip, a bike ride or a hike.

Naturally, there are also a number of activities on the programme these days in which parents and children take part together, such as a beaver safari in which an educational presentation is first given. After this presentation about the beaver we get into the bus and drive to the river where we will launch our canoes.  Together we will look for beavers and their lodges. We might even spot other wild animals along the way. In the evening we will also go on a wildlife safari. After an extensive presentation you will set off with a GPS in your own car.

A fully catered BBQ for the whole family is part of the programme.


Unfortunately, today is the last day of this week and it is time to go home. Check out is possible until 11 o'clock


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