Let’s introduce ourselves

We, Tobias, Mirthe, Herry and Marjan wish you a warm welcome.

On vacation and yet familiar! Radastrands Camping is a campsite in Sweden with Dutch owner. We took over the campsite on October 1, 2016 and are ready to provide you with a wonderful and unforgettable holiday. Quality, service and of course lots of holiday fun are our top priority.

As a child, Tobias came many times with his parents (Herry and Marjan) to Sweden and together with Herry he dreamed of having his own campsite in the forests of Sweden. Mirthe had also come to Sweden as a child and had already told her parents that this was the country where she later wanted to grow old.

Tobias and Mirhte are both trained as outdoor instructors and provide guidance for the various outdoor activities. The outdoor activities are all organized from the outdoor center Moose Adventure & Outdoor(located at Rådastrands Camping). Together with us we can provide you with a program for a holiday full of activities and relaxation.

Herry and Marjan both have a background in healthcare and business and will ensure that, in addition to all activities, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday in Sweden in peace.

We hope together that we can give you a very nice holiday so that you can enjoy Sweden as much as we do!